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Brave Starts is a non-profit organisation which helps people aged 45-70+ feel excited about the next 10+ years of their career.

For those considering options or looking for a change, we give your career development skills a pragmatic and significant refresh.

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This time of your working life offers huge potential. You want to feel purposeful and fulfilled. You're open to learning new things. Money is unlikely to be as important as it once was. Until the world of work fully embraces your value, we advocate a more proactive approach - who has time to waste?

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  • A structured programme of 4 workshops facilitated by experts in small groups to get you focused on next steps.

  • A series of events to develop your career strategy, skills and professional networks.

  • A community of professionals to support, inspire and hold you accountable.

Be Brave. Be Inspired.

Bravestarts is a community of talented and ambitious professionals over 50.

We combine cutting edge research with your experience and network to inspire your future career path.

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Brave Starts is a really innovative careers coaching company focused on those in midlife who want to change or restart a career after a break. Really liked the way the courses are run in small groups so you have an opportunity to meet others on a similar journey. Would highly recommend

Mrs Philips

Meeting Lucy at the Postcards from Midlife event was the springboard I needed - and I chose to bounce! And I'm still up here, being open to change and exploring conversations after the most inspiring Brave Starts programme with four workshops run by Lucy and Alan. Thought provoking meetings with both comforting and challenging conversations, lots of encouragement and support. I would highly recommend anyone to try bouncing on the springboard with Brave Starts - even if you don't know where you're going you'll get agreat overview!

Zoe Handley

I wanted to verbalise and explore some thoughts. I had been having about career and direction. It was a really valuable session with some sound, pragmatic advice and points to consider and follow up on. I would definitely recommend Brave Starts and think it's both a great concept and service for people over 50 exploring direction around work and their options.


I joined Bravestart this week. Lucy has been excellent in her communication and support since our first interaction. Today I attended two sessions both different but equally informative. I really feel that this network and it's members will offer me the opportunity to move forward at the right pace to change my career direction and/or help me create a plan specifically for me....

Thomas Garside

This was a great opportunity to connect with like minded people in their 50's looking for support and inspiration to weigh up career options. Lucy and Alan's warm and structured approach was most conducive to opening up meaningful conversations amongst us...



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As people get older, their experience and value is not embraced. Until the world wakes up, we're helping people understand how age can be an asset and how there has never been a better time to achieve their ambitions.

Not for Profit

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We care more about making a positive difference than making a profit. We educate and inspire but only if we can back up or prove what we share and we know all of this is more fun when you engage and interact with your peers.

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With more than 600 members, 250 experts, 100+ events a year, you'll discover many people and experiences to inspire you. Brave Starts membership is focused on helping you find the next step. Which option is best for you?


Community membership unlocks our workbook series, 12 months of unlimited access to our fantastic community to develop relationships and build your network through our events

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We all know two heads are better than one, but what about four or five? At the heart of your Explorer membership is series of lively small-cohort workshops led by Brave Starts professional experts.

Everything in Community Plan
Coach led Cohort Workshops
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Get networked to sector experts
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Perfect for when you need a 100% tailored solution to exploring, plotting and acting on your next steps. Choose your mix as we create a fully personalised approach for you.

One to one coaching
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Personalised introductions
Job shadowing
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Member Events

You aren't alone: interactive meetings, workshops and monthly events support our growing community of people wanting to learn new skills and develop new networks and opportunities to improve their working lives

Community Based

Growing community of people between the ages of 45-70 offering a wide range of professional insights and experiences. Teachers, doctors, bankers, lawyers: the one thing we all have in common is a desire to work and help each other

In-built Expertise

Advice & guidance provided across all of our events by trained career coaches, psychologists and development experts specialising in supporting this community to appreciate age as an asset


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Take our WHAT Next tool and get the results to understand where you are in your career journey

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Attend a 1 hour session with other new Brave Starters to share your story and learn from others

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Join our Brave Start Up programme to get the framework of achieving your goals and ambitions

Take Action on your next steps!

Build your plan on how you will make your career dreams into a reality and take your next steps



Take things at your own pace with our fantastic online courses


Use our framework to build your bespoke career path


Sometimes people need 1 on 1 support. We have the best.


Meet your peers in informative and fun group meetings.


Monthly doses of content with events, articles, and research


Connect with our growing community of Brave Starters

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Interactive monthly events

Meet your peers in interactive, informative and fun group meetings.

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Sometimes people need 1 on 1 support. We have the best.

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Nothing beats practical insight from people who've been there and done that - (from £60 per meeting)

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Get a monthly dose of content with events, articles, and research

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Meeting others in the same boat builds connection and confidence. Our members share a desire to work and make a difference: some work full time and are exploring options to build a portfolio of skills; others are building 'side hustles'; most have no idea what to do next and others are starting something completely new.

Whatever you are thinking, we can help in various ways:

our career guidance e-book

Focused on people mid life onwards

chances to learn and connect

Meet each other and share insights and experiences

monthly & quarterly events

Small business idea? Feeling stuck? Come and learn


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Some of the People We've Helped

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Ideas Refined

After nearly 15 years raising 3 children, Rosetta wanted to get into the fashion world, but without a network, she was ignored and mass online marketplaces offered no support for the money they took. Through our help, we introduced her to shadow one of the UK’s leading luxury fashion designers. She now runs her own fashion business - and is finally getting the attention she deserves!


Fashion Designer
Testimonial Image

Business Plan Sorted

Mary was an accountant, but after years of dreaming of running her own accessories designer business, we set her up to shadow Susannah – a top handbag designer with revenues of over £3million a year. Mary has now moved country, she owns a factory and employs 10 staff. Oh and she’s been featured in the FT!


Testimonial Image

Reality Checked

Antonio had planned to open a wine bar until he shadowed one! The reality didn’t match his dream and for him, the work involved didn’t justify the profits made. In his own words:

‘This is a risk free way to understand how the business you’re thinking of running actually works.”


Wine Enthusiast


Testimonial Image

Shadow a successful master craftsman

Jay Blades is a master craftsman - recognised as a leader in the field of upcycling - where his work is frequently showcased in TV shows as well as upmarket furniture places such as Heals and Liberty

Jay Blades

Master Craftsman
Testimonial Image

Shadow a highly regarded psychoanalyst

David is very well established psychoanalyst. He is an authority in the profession and regularly contributes to BBC radio programmes, as well as consulting privately for the NHS


Testimonial Image

Shadow an Award Winning Voice Actor

Liz is an established Voice actor having started out as a project manager. She has won voice as well as small business awards. She has had clients ranging from HSBC, BMW, and Bvlgari to name just a few


Voice Actor
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