A cohort based development programme

At the heart of your Explorer membership is series of lively small-cohort workshops led by a Brave Starts development expert. You will be guided through tutorials and tasks to challenge your job-seeking preconceptions, explore your employment options and build a solid action plan. Where your own network might fall short, we'll connect you to people who can grow and expand your knowledge of new areas.

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£600 including VAT for the full course

"Brave Starts helped me understand that I still had passion in my current career and just needed a boost"

Dimitri Van Kakum

"I was really able to craft what my dream role looked like through following the Brave Starts process"

Rachel Smith

"The experience and network of Brave Starts allowed me to transition into a CEO role in the charities sector."

Mike Mansfield

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how does it work?

The programme takes place over 2-3 months. There are 4 workshops of between 2-2.5 hours supported by 20 hours of fascinating, eye opening elearning content. We have a follow up workshop after 6 months.

The programme takes you through the 4 steps outlined below. During the 'explore' phase we help you connect and meet with other people by introducing you to experts and other community members doing work you'd like to learn more about.  Where it's appropriate and depending on the sector, we can also help organise job shadowing and work experience opportunities.

One size does not fit all which is why the core programme is supported by our wider events programme. The person searching for a job may (for example) be recommended to attend the LinkedIn masterclass - whereas another looking to set up her own art gallery may be recommended a one on one understanding how to use google sheets for basic accounting. The beauty of a community of more than 600 members, 250+ experts and an incredible advisory board is there is almost no area where we can't pull on our wider resources to help you. When we say practical, we mean it.

How do we compare?

Our knowledge and insight specifically into the 40-75 demographic is unique. Our price is unmatched because as a non profit we value impact over profit. As part of our community, we do pre and post evaluations of how you progressing, so you will also be contributing towards the evidence base we are building. We invite you to explore the market, read our Trust Pilot reviews and if you still have questions, book a 15 min call to check these through.

want to learn more?

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