Leading not following

Unlock the value of a multi-generational workforce

In an era of the 100 year life, organisations need to adapt to take full advantage of the opportunity offered by a multigenerational workforce.

Take our short quiz to uncover facts and insights about older workers, dispelling myths and equipping you with valuable data to build a strong business case for your organisation.

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The business case?

This is the wrong question. The population is ageing whether or not we make the business case. You can choose not to do anything. History tends not to favour those who don't adapt to the inevitable. Ask Blockbuster, HMV, Blackberry, Toys r Us. We don't have the power of a crystal ball, but if you allow us, we will conduct rigourous pre and post evaluations to establish and create your business case.

There are real benefits of an ageing population to your organisation. We change psychologically in ways which (if carefully considered) offer real strategic advantage. Our article for the OECD gives more detail.

Q: What is the question we get asked the most?
A:  What is everyone else doing?

In an era where only 13% of organisations plan to even look at age over the next 5 years, this is not a 'followership' opportunity. Brave Starts is working with organisations and policy makers to build the blueprint for how to lead on this.

Work with us.

How can we help?


We offer a platform to reach an audience with whom you can engage and recruit from.

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- Come and chat to our members about roles you are recruiting for
- Test out ideas and potential value propositions
- Create assets for you tube, social media and other channels. Bring your personality and culture to the table.
To clarify: we don't offer a recruitment service. We can channel people towards your recruitment provider. If you do hire any of our members, please make a donation.


Career development is the main skill organisations need to foster

From £500 per workshop

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- Developing skills for longer career paths and the future of work
- Facilitate career ownership and internal career mobility
- Plan for and contemplate longer and more sustainable careers
- Age is an asset: help employees create a positive age narrative


A job for life no longer exists. Support employees with the best proposition

From £95 per person

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- Prepare people for a life beyond your organisation
- Access to a community of other professionals
- Access to a structured programme helping people plan for 'what next'
- Access to experts and coaches covering financial, legal and practical insights.

What do people want from their employer as they get older?   

We share insights from more than 6000 people aged 50-75.

You'll be pleased to learn the majority of what can be done costs nothing - or very little. This report contains lots of ideas for action you can start implementing immediately.

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Benefits to working with us

Enhance Recruitment & Retention:
Tap into the experience and expertise of older workers.
Boost employee engagement:
Create a culture where every generation thrives
Maximise productivity:
Leverage the wisdom and dedication of your ageing workforce
ESG/Corporate Social Responsibility:
As a non profit building the evidence base, supporting us helps an important mission
Support career transitions:
Help employees put their skills to use through upskilling, reskilling or outplacement support
Improve brand:
Investing in your ageing workforce will enhance your organisation’s reputation.

Talk to our community

Our professional community of over 2000 people aged 45-75 can share their insights and offer you a safe environment to test ideas and perspectives. By engaging with us, you gain access to a wealth of knowledge, enabling you to tap into the unique perspectives of older workers. If you have specific questions that you’d like to ask our community let’s see how we can help.

Organisations we've partnered with

Our supporters provide valuable input into our work, in the form of sharing employee insights, specific research, collaboration on pilots, and commitment from senior leaders. We are proud to share the organisations who are helping shape the new career deal.

If you are interested in supporting the work of Brave Starts or want to learn more about us, please get in touch below and we will provide you with a corporate brochure with our value proposition.

Harris Karim

Co Founder
Tech Lead

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Anna Streule

Anna Streule

Co Founder
Editor and Comms

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Lucy Standing

Lucy Standing

Co Founder
Strategy and Partnerships

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We've used Brave Starts to run programmes for people wanting to make career transitions. By learning from real people and their experiences we build insight into 'what works'. We've also engaged Brave Starts to help design our internal mid life MOT programmes and to help us build our advocacy group.
Catherine Sermon
Head Public Affairs, Phoenix Insights.
For our academy programmes, we're involved with a range of charity partners. What we like about Brave Starts is they have a really strong membership base. In our last programme, Brave Starts applicants had the highest hit rate of people who got hired. If you're looking to recruit people, they have some fresh thinking and ideas which are worth you exploring"
Shelly Ogilvie
Community, partnerships and content manager, Hays Recruitment
"We used Brave Starts to help with an outplacement programme. We wanted a more bespoke programme for colleagues that went further than the typical career transition offering. Brave Starts were able to support those wanting a new role, but more importantly we liked their ability to develop career mobility skills and provide guidance for people wanting to explore options around making career changes.  As a not for profit, using Brave Starts represented value for money while supporting a socially responsible, evidence-based organisation’’.
Sarita Godber
Chief People Officer, Science Museum Group

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