What information is being collected?

We collect your name and contact details  

Who is collecting it?

Your data is being collected by Brave Starts Community Interest Company (CIC).

3.       How is it collected?

We’re using our website to collect data via contact forms, but we are also reaching out to people via social media so we may also collect details via facebook, Google, Instagram. We reserve the right to test and try out other forms of reaching audiences - this list is therefore illustrative, not exhaustive. We use third party software to help us collect your data (e.g typeform) and we store it in our databases.  

Why is it being collected?

We are collecting data in order to contact you to in relation to our community and the opportunities that brings.  You have expressed an interest in hearing from us, so we need the ability to follow up and do so.  

5.      How will it be used?

We will use the data primarily as a means of communicating news about the Brave Starts community.  The extent to which we will contact you is largely driven by you: if you sign up to attend an event, we will send you joining details.  If you want to attend one of our programmes, we will send you details about those.  If you want us to arrange a shadowing opportunity for you, we will use your details to communicate with you about progress as well as using these as a means for an introduction to experts via our platform.  

6.      Who will it be shared with?

If you are attending a cohort programme, we will share your data with the other members of the cohort.  If you have asked to meet or talk with an expert, we will share your data with them in order to arrange this and enable it to happen.  We do not supply or give your data to any third parties.  

7. What will be the effect of this on you?

You will get our newsletter once a month.  As the community grows, we reserve the right to adjust this in line with community feedback and demand.  If you have signed up to attend a workshop, you will receive emails and reminders relevant to attendance before each workshop.  If you’re trying to book a shadowing opportunity, you’ll get emails related to that. In short – the effect of our communications is to enable you to engage and obtain access to content, events and people you seek to be connected with.

8.      Unsubscribe.

We provide you with the facility to opt out of receiving our newsletter.  We also reserve the right to unsubscribe you if we notice if after 4 months you have not opened and do not engage with our community.  Our places for free membership are limited and we want to reserve these for those gaining the most value from our support.