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An outstanding community of members makes the Brave Starts experience unique. Each workshop enables you to meet others and build your network.  Members connect over shared interests. They meet up, research and look out for opportunities for each other.  They tell us that getting to know others in similar situations validates their experience and helps them move forward.  

When a Brave Starts member reaches out to another on LinkedIn, over 90% get connected.

Let's share some numbers:

We have 500+ members.

Over 80% join us for 'positive' reasons: they are intellectually curious, they want to explore their career options and they like the sound of what we do.

40% work full time, 20% work part time or on contracts, 18% are actively looking for work.
The remainder are students, volunteers, carers, on career breaks or retired.

Over 90% have a higher education qualification. Many have a Masters, Doctorate, MBA, Professional chartership or certification.

40% are men and 60% are women.

fter our coaching workshop series, our members report:

Over 35% negotiate change with their current employer. These members move into a new department or role, adopt flexible working or go part time, secure time off for retraining or volunteering, to make other significant changes.  

Over 25% secure a similar job in a different sector.

Nearly 20% make a total career change: different job, different sector.

Around 20% make no change for varied reasons.

It costs £49 to join and enjoy a whole year of access to our events and member community.

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Our Brave Starters

These are just a few of our awesome members who have been through our programmes and found what their next steps can be with the support our community!