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Eight hours of insightful, collaborative workshops, LinkedIn and interview masterclasses, and the chance to meet employers.

This is our suggested pace - you can accelerate if you wish.

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Upon Sign Up
You’ll receive an email inviting you to a new member welcome session. (1 hour)

You’ll meet the other members likely to be on the upcoming workshops with you. You'll hear and share stories. We give you a demo of the site so you can access exercises and other content.

We run two of each workshop most months, so you can follow this suggested guide or you can accelerate progress to suit you.
Weeks 1-4
Sign up for workshops 1 and 2 (we run two of each workshop most months).

Workshop 1: Foundation Building (1.5 hours)

We share the science behind purpose, career change and job satisfaction.
We examine:
- How the world of work is changing
- What career development skills you need
- What expectations help set us up for success  

Workshop 2: Self analysis (2 hours)

The ideation workshop. This workshop is mainly about sharing the insights you gain from the exercises we give you as preparation:
- What’s made you tick in the past
- What interests you and why
- What opportunities you have to do more or less of what you're good at doing
- Idea brainstorm
- Solo career exploration using AI (ChatGPT)

Weeks 4-6
Workshop 3:  Age is your asset (1.5 hours)

The world isn't ready for an ageing workforce so we need to open our eyes to:
- The size and scale of the ageing population
- The psychology of ageing - and how you are a better employee now than you've ever been
- The science of age and job performance
By arming you with these insights, you're better able to sell your age as the asset it is

Weeks 6-8
Our monthly member meet ups help you work through and share what you are learning whilst constantly refreshing your network of contacts and making new connections. (1 - 1.5 hours)

On a case by case basis (and for an additional fee) we can also arrange for you to meet vetted experts doing roles you want to learn more about. We've been able to help people access job shadowing, internship and work experience opportunities.

Each month we also have experts from different sectors come and talk to members about jobs, trends, places to start (see example below)

Week 8-12
Workshop 4: Planning & targeting (1.5 hours)

Recruitment for the 45/50+ age groups is broken so we spend time in this workshop helping you:
- Develop new and alternative strategies - Focus your efforts on actions more likely to yield constructive results

You also have complimentary additional workshops to use as you need:

- LinkedIn masterclass (1 hour)
- Interviewing practice and skills (1 - 1.5 hours)

2-3 months later
Workshop 5: Maintaining Focus (1.5 hours)  

After a few weeks, our members tell us it's helpful to have this workshop which examines:

- Your self limiting beliefs
- How to maintain resilience
- The science of regret
- Action planning for the next 3 months.

Most months, we also have employers, experts and other talks to help you learn more about different roles and sectors. See example below
Annual Membership
You get continuous value through our events, members directory, among other benefits.

As you move forward and make changes, new members also get to benefit from your journey and insights.
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