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Our newsletter is read by over 1000 people on a monthly basis. We are building up this page to reflect the links and articles our community find most helpful.  Please note, this page is still under construction. We'll update you via our monthly updates when it's ready.

If you've read or seen content which has genuinely helped you, please share it with us. We love hearing from you and will do our best to share and promote here.


➢    National Careers Service tests developed were done so by a credible team.  Shorter to complete than Yondur, as they take an 'adaptive' approach, so provide you with the basics, then you get to choose which options you may want to answer further questions on.  Trust me - it will make sense! 
➢    Lumina Splash App Become more self-aware, explore your unique personality and learn how you relate to others. 
➢    Practice Aptitude Tests Wide range of test options including free sample tests across numerical, verbal, logical and situational as well as employer tests for a wide range of well-known organisations. 
➢    SHL Practice Tests require sign up and some demographic details in order to access tests. SHL tests are the most common brand of ability, behavioural and personality. The tests are available in 30 languages across 150 countries. Many employers choose to include SHL tests as part of their recruitment process. 
➢    Strengths Profile enables you to get to know yourself better and find a focus by discovering your top 3 realised strengths, 3 unrealised strengths, 2 learned behaviours and 1 weakness in a Free Starter Profile. 
➢    Yondur offers free access to all assessments available from Cognisess - including Career Explorer which aims to match careers to interests and values, Lens personality tests and cognition. The choice is quite overwhelming even though there are some categories and a search and it could be challenging to find your way round and prioritise what is most useful.


Please note this is a list we've pulled from companies who've claimed they are age friendly - or they are doing work to actively attract the 45/50+ worker. We have not personally audited these companies.  The value of our independence is this list is generated by our research - not fees. In other words, companies can't simply 'buy' their way onto this list. If you think you are an age friendly employer, email us:


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