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The reason you hate your job and what to do about it

A review of career aptitude tests: which are best for the career changer?
This is an overview of 16 tests freely available. We provide a review how long they take, their usefulness, whether they are worth your time and more. This article provides links to each test - so decide which one you want to try and share your thoughts with us.


YONDUR - free psychometrics tests (around 20 mins to complete) which suggest different careers:

National Careers Service - The tests developed were done so by a credible team.  Shorter to complete than Yondur, as they take an 'adaptive' approach, so provide you with the basics, then you get to choose which options you may want to answer further questions on.  Trust me - it will make sense!

A psychologist called Suzanne Savikas, has researched the factors which best lend themselves to enabling people to transition their jobs/careers.  She calls this the Career Adaptability Survey and CABA (a charity supported chartered accountants) has adapted this for their members. It is free to use, but you need to register to ger the results. Well worth the 5-10 mins of your life and it offers some useful suggestions.


'So good they can’t ignore you' – Cal Newport

This book is written by an IT professional with a genuine and personal interest in career development. It challenges the 'follow your passion' movement and refreshingly brings home the message that most people don't want to hear: success is largely within your control, but if you are willing to put in the time and effort.

'The subtle art of not giving a fuck' – Mark Manson

OK - we agree, an attention grabbing headline and if you don't approve of the 'f' word, steer clear. Despite the language, the book is based on really sound, psychological principles on how to live a productive and happy life.

Originals – Adam Grant

Slightly biased, as we do love a brilliant psychologist, but this is a great book about innovation and the factors which enable innovation to happen. Focused a lot on entrepreneurs, it has a lot to offer the person interested in either growing their own business or wanting to start out.

Outliers – The Story Of Success – Malcolm Gladwell

Malcolm Gladwell has written a number of books, but this is the one most relevant to the study of what makes someone 'successful'. Often overlooked factors such as birthdate, timing - and luck have roles to play, but these are often overlooked. When we come across someone society describes as 'successful', often we attribute their success to them - and not the context in which they have been operating (and vice versa). It's a great book and reminder that not everything is within our control.

Grit – Angela Duckworth

Similar in theme to Matthew Syed with his book 'Bounce', this book explores the personal characteristics of those most likely to succeed. Similar to Cal Newport above, much of the truth lies in 'Grit' - Angela's overall term for a multitude of factors such as conscientiousness, resilience and ambition.

Working identity –Herminia Ibarra

Herminia is now professor at London Business School, but this was the book which saw her career skyrocket.  It's a book which charts a number of case studies of career changers and uses this to reach her conclusions about what really makes a difference to enabling a successful career change: experience. In essence, we can't know the reality of jobs before we do them - so the idea of try it before you commit started here. However - it ends with us :)

Taking charge of your career - Jane Barrett

For those who like practical content, this is the book for you. Jane has written a very practical book, packed with case studies, exercises and advice which is based on years of her own experience and her understanding of the field.  She's also an incredibly nice woman who also runs the career farm podcast we also rate and love.

The 100 year life - Lynda Gratton and Andrew Scott

We're all living longer - and this book in black and white talks through the impact on the labour market and implications for employers. Quite frankly, not many are doing much at all...


The Career Farm - Jane Barrett. Loads of episodes where Jane interviews different experts in different fields.  It's a fascinating way to learn about different sectors and hear stories from some fascinating people.
Link to Podcast

The Redundancy Podcast - Dave Watts. Dave used to work for the police and has experienced being made redundant a few times - he felt he was becoming an expert!! He's turned his insights from redundancy into a brilliant podcast, where he focuses on talking to those who can offer useful insights to those who've been made redundant..
Link to Podcast

Eat, Sleep, Work, Repeat - Bruce Daisley. Technically, this isn't a podcast for the career changer, but it is aimed at helping those interested in building better work cultures. As we hope to influence corporate culture and do our bit for age diversity in the work place, we're including this here too. Bruce is one of those incredibly humble people, who works at 5,000 miles a minute, generously shares and somehow manages to keep it all together.
Link to Podcast

Power to live more - Jo Dodds. Jo meets with and interviews a number of wonderful people all working hard to share their passion for their work with others. Tips and tools for how to be more productive and effective are par for the course as well as meeting and hearing from some fascinating guests.
Link to Podcast

Comeback Girl - Laura Izard. Laura is a full time Recruitment professional, but somehow manages to find time to interview people and build up a podcast. She's interested in returnship schemes and the whole market around returning to work following a career break.  
Link to Podcast


Career Change - the questions you need to ask yourself

How to find work you love

Love this talk by Philippa Dengler on 'employagility'.

A good fuzzy feel good talk on what to invest your energy into if you want a happier, healthier, longer life...


Experients - website aimed at those over 50 wanting professional level jobs at rates of £300+ a day.

RESTLESS - website for those over 50 primarily a jobs board, but more recently have added volunteering opportunities and courses.

NO DESIRE TO RETIRE - Register with your CV and get started


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