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This course is aimed at helping people who have an idea of a business and are ready to take some practical steps. Our online course takes you through a structure which gets you clearer and more confident on how to start your own venture. Sign up today for 50% discount at £99!

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Our career change programme takes 3-4 months. It’s a mixture of larger workshops and small cohort meetings and in between you’ll be given access to tasks, exercises and opportunities to talk to experts doing the jobs you’re thinking of doing.


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Anne Brooks
Anne worked in the alcohol beverage business and decided there was a gap in the market for non alcoholic spirits. Her brand is Eceaux and she's received her first round of investment funding.
Jude Cormack
Based in the Scottish borders, Jude is developing her fermented foods business. Her aim is not to rule the world but to build a lifestyle that works around her interests and volunteering commitments.
Gavin Rudd
Gavin started life as a mortgage advisor. He started a healthy juice bar business 'on the side' and gave up his job once the income from his business outstripped his day job, letting him to focus on his passion.

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