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Research report into the ageing workforce

Our research report surveyed over 5,500 respondents from across a variety of channels. This provides an in-depth understanding into the drivers, barriers, and needs of the ageing workforce. We combine the data with the best psychological evidence based insights to recommend a range of practical and in most cases - low or no cost suggestions for action. The time for talking is over.

Executive Summary

1. The biggest driver for people in their 50's+ is doing work which offers them a sense of 'purpose'.

2. The biggest barrier people face when planning for their working future, is simply 'not knowing what to do next'. This factor alone was almost twice as significant as any other.

3. What people need and want most from organisations are chances to learn more about what opportunities are open to them next and to have time to learn about them. This is best understood via encouraging career conversations.

4. The need for flexible work will continue to rise as we age.

5.The majority of practical steps an organisation needs to take can be achieved with little or no cost.

6. Organisations need to recognise the value of age and actively support the career planning process of employees as they get older.

7. With an ageing workforce the entry point into organisations needs to extend from being 'graduate' only to include more career changer schemes.

8. Ageism is widely felt as the second biggest barrier faced when trying to find work.

This research was conducted by Brave Starts CIC, who help people in the latter stages of their career plan and enjoy fuller, longer, working lives. Download the full report by providing your email address below.

For Press enquiries, please email info@bravestarts.com and we will put you in touch with the authors of the study.

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