Swim, jump or fly

Would you like to swim, jump or fly into your new role or career? A new book by Charlotte Sheridan will help. Charlotte is a Brave Starter herself as she used to work in professional services as a change management consultant, but has now flown into a new career as a coach and writer.

Charlotte has just written Swim, Jump, Fly: A guide to changing your life, a self-coaching book with a clear step by step process that will help you make a successful brave start. To research the topic Charlotte interviewed 100 people from around the world who were going through transitions in their lives; from career changes, to improving their health, to working on their relationships. As an occupational psychologist she likes evidence, so she analysed the interviews to discover what helped people through their shifts and she includes these themes throughout the book.

Swim, Jump, Fly includes many of the participant stories, plus ideas from psychology, coaching, mindfulness, philosophy and wellbeing research. She also includes summaries, interactive exercises, activities and opportunities to learn more about yourself. It’s an accessible read which is easy to follow. It's also full of cartoons and illustrations drawn by a Private Eye cartoonist, who beautifully brings Charlotte’s ideas alive.

Q: Tell us a little about your own story – what made you leave the corporate sector and what do you do now?

At the start of her career Charlotte really enjoyed being a management consultant, solving problems, collaborating with others and creating real change for organisations. But over time the long hours and the travel started to impact her work-life balance and wellbeing. As the projects got bigger, the timescales got longer and the teams became larger, Charlotte found it hard to see the positive impact of her work.

Charlotte has now re-trained as a coaching psychologist and works with corporate and private coaching clients. She writes a coaching blog, runs a podcast called the Tyranny of the Shoulds, where she interviews guests about the shoulds in their lives, and she still does a little consulting from time to time, when the projects are right.

Q: You’ve written this book – who is the target audience and what will they get out of reading this book?

Anyone who wants to make a change in life, but doesn’t know how to start, or how to sustain their shift. These could be job or career change, building a business, getting fit, moving house or even moving country.

What they’ll get out of reading this book:

  • you'll know where you are now and where you want to go
  • be clear about the steps you can take to get there
  • have tried a number of experiments to see what works best
  • understand what may be blocking you from shifting
  • know how you can keep on track and stay motivated

Q: Where can they hear more/get a copy?

Charlotte is offering a free sample of Swim, Jump, Fly. Simply contact her at info@charlottehousden.com and she'll email the first 30+ pages to you.  You can also pre-order the book and Brave starters get a 10% discount on the price - just include the code BRAVE10 in your email.

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Lucy Standing

Lucy Standing is a business psychologist and co-founder of Brave Starts