Mike's Three on: The Great Resignation

Thought piece

The Great Resignation or Great Retirement continues to be a topic that is getting headlines in the press. I like Jean Accius of the AARP’s positive view on the issue when he refers to it as the Great Realization. He points out the opportunity for employers to look more holistically at their workforce and understand that people are living longer less linear lives than they did in the past. Three things an employer can do are:

1. Develop a multigenerational workforce strategy to attract and retain talent that is age inclusive

2. Be a magnet for talent by creating moments of collaboration. Work done by AARP showed that 7 in 10 workers like working with generations other than their own.

3. Use empathy to unlock innovation and productivity. By understanding that we have all been through a rough period can help in creating a positive work culture.

While the points Jean makes are focused on employers, there is a lot we can do in our daily lives, both at work and elsewhere to create greater understanding among generations and learn from each other.

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