Meet a recovering overachiever

August 28, 2020
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Meet a recovering overachiever

Dr Yvette Ankrah MBE is a recovering overachiever, by her own admission – recovering because she still likes to achieve but she is doing it differently than she used to. I guess you don’t become neither a Dr nor receive an MBE without some form of over-achieving. Something we can merely strive towards.

Nevertheless, we here at Brave Starts, as we have mentioned previously, love an over achiever as an expert as they tend to be just that, experts at what they put their minds to. This is very true of Yvette, who still has a lot of ideas on how to develop her skills-set even more than she already has - ‘I am a lifelong learner, I am curious, and I want to know more’, just the kind of expert we love!

Yvette has put her mind to coaching, but also has a degree in journalism and psychology as well as a Masters and a PhD. She has received numerous awards for her work and let’s not forget that MBE, which she was awarded for her work with women in business. She is a woman of a few careers, many achievements, and … has experienced burnout. It does seem logical with all she has on her plate, doesn’t it? However, Yvette has put her efforts as transformational coach into breaking that logic. She believes that burnout shouldn’t be a normal part of achieving your goals – balance and enjoyment is what should accompany that process. Yes, please!

She is a great believer in creating balance, in order for women to go further faster and to realise, achieve more than they ever believed possible, and actually enjoy it. Her aim is to help other women avoid burnout and stress, and find peace and balance through her work with them.

Running her own practice, developing herself personally and professionally constantly, while also raising a kid, we can confidently say Yvette has been through a lot of ups and downs, got through it all and smashed all her goals as the winner she is! Her passion about her work, her curiosity and desire to help people by transforming their beliefs, is what drives and motivates her to keep going and pushing through barriers every day! This is what we call a Brave Starts Expert!


When the stars align

Susan is a client on one of our current cohorts. She’s a senior executive in the fashion world who has had a career jetting around the world setting up logistics and operations businesses for the fashion industry and has decided she wants a change. Susan is focusing now on her current plans to build up a coaching practise helping senior women transform their careers. The coaching world is competitive, so we lined her up to spend time with Yvette who has been there, done that and knows a thing or two about carving out a niche and knowing how to start, build and focus. Susan and Yvette had a fabulous conversation and Susan is now looking for a few clients who might want to test run her service. 

It’s a fantastic opportunity for senior women who are looking to make a change in their lives, and it would also help Susan understand what part of her service is most transformative and useful. 

If this appeals please let me know: and I can connect you both.

We do love a great success story, why don’t you tell us about yours?

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