Looking for a job over 50?  Which job board is right for you?  


We’ve compiled this review to help our members navigate quickly to the jobs boards most likely to meet their needs. Unfortunately, job boards offer a poor customer experience for the 50+ demographic for two main reasons: 

  • People over the age of 50 experience a high degree of ageism.  It’s not unusual for our members to experience multiple rejections for jobs where they undeniably meet the indicated criteria. 
  • Jobs boards are typically built for the needs of a younger audience and don’t address the needs and priorities of the 50+ demographic.  Specifically, most job boards expect you to search by job title (eg Financial controller) and location - but we know people want to find jobs which offer them flexibility and a chance to transfer their skills into something new. Filtering criteria such as ‘1-2 days a week in the office’ or ‘opportunities to retrain’ would be a huge help here. 

As a result of these difficulties, we have reviewed some of the main jobs boards. We provide links to the main ones and our review of: 

  • An overview of their expertise and our observations about their sites or feedback shared by our members
  • The services they offer (e.g will they do a CV review for example). 
  • Do they have flexible working options? 
  • The sectors they cover
  • The salary levels targeted
  • Do they enable you to do a job search (or do you have to send in a CV and hope for the best)? 
  • Our observations: what’s good about them and what could be improved? 

The sites/jobs boards we review are: 

• Reed

• Working Wise

• Flexa

• Capability Jane

• Experients

• Forties People

• Jobs Redefined

• Prime Candidate

• Rest Less

• Timewise

• Wise Age

• indeed

We then go into more sector specific jobs boards and give a list based on the sectors you tell us you are most keen on exploring:

  • Charity and non profit
  • Creative sector jobs
  • Environmental sector jobs


The jobs board we believe best meets the needs of our audience is Working Wise, closely followed by Jobs Redefined, Timewise Jobs and Capability Jane.

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Alison Barrett

Alison Barrett is a career changer moving from the field of digital and project management into Business Psychology. Her primary focus is organisational and employee development, particularly harnessing and encouraging the strengths of a diverse workforce.