'What' next?


What will help you make the most out of your latter working years?

This tool takes 3-4 minutes to complete. The insights and practical suggestions that follow, will take longer, so make a cup of tea or coffee and indulge.


People are living longer which means having to work for longer.   As people reach their mid and later working years, the reality of having to continue working for another 10 - or even 20 years can call into question the sustainability for their work. A lot of factors are involved which will impact on decisions people make. Navigating this complexity is challenging. This self coaching tool is a great starting point: by focusing on the areas in this tool, you can be confident you are exploring the areas likely to have the greatest impact on your work motivation and sustainability as you get older.


The Bravestarts Work Audit is a simple review tool to help you assess what’s going on in your career and to guide you constructively towards actions to proactively manage it.  The actions might involve relatively simple adaptations in your current role. On the other hand,  more fundamental changes might be required, potentially involving the support of a career development professional.  This WHAT next tool provides a structure of five domains for you to assess what in your career is currently working for you, and what you want to address. It is designed to help you move beyond a generic sense of ‘I’m not happy with my work’ to a more focused understanding of what you’re not happy with (and, importantly, what you are happy with).  This can help you to identify and take meaningful action. This Audit was first developed by Professor John Arnold at Loughborough University and is based on work funded by EuroFound - an agency of the European Union. It has been further developed in conjunction with Dr Maggi Evans, a Career and Talent development specialist and Chartered Psychologist and Lucy Standing - Chartered Psychologist and Co-founder of Bravestarts.


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