Introduction blurb about the survey


People are living longer which mean shaving to work for longer, but without a blueprint to follow, the future pathfor most people is vague.  As people reach their mid 40s or early 50s  the reality of having to work for another10 or even 20 years calls into question the sustainability for their work. A lot of factors are involved whichwill impact on decisions people make. Navigating this complexity ischallenging. This audit is a great first starting point to give you theconfidence that you are exploring the areas likely to have the greatest impacton your work motivation and sustainability as you get older.


The Bravestarts Work Audit is a simple review tool tohelp you assess what’s going on in your career and to guide you towards actionsto proactively manage it.  The actionsmight involve relatively simple adaptations in your current role. On the otherhand,  more fundamental change might berequired, potentially involving the support of a career developmentprofessional.  The Bravestarts Work Audit provides a structure of five domains (link to content of slide3) foryou to assess what in your career is currently working for you, and what youwant to address. It is designed to help you move beyond a generic sense of ‘I’mnot happy with my work’ to a more focused understanding of what you’re nothappy with (and, importantly, what you are happy with).  This can help you to identify and takemeaningful action.This Audit was first developed byProfessor John Arnold at Loughborough University and is based on work funded byEuroFound, an agency of the European Union. it has been further developed inconjunction with Bravestarts foruse with its clients.


I want to complete the work audit? Click here to start Once completed you can view your resultsand explore some suggested actions that you can take.  We have also provided further tools and linksthat can help you as you navigate the next steps in your career.