Workshop 3: Age is Your Asset

12:30 pm
2:00 pm

​​​In this 3rd workshop, we'll build your understanding of why your age is one of your best assets to ensuring a successful career at this stage in your life.

At the end of this workshop, you'll better understand:

  • ​Why you need to be your own activist.
  • ​The psychology of ageing: how we change but particularly in the context of work.
  • ​How we have to rebrand and market ourselves for a market not ready for us (yet).

​​It is our goal to validate your experiences of being marginalised but to arm you with the insight to understand not only that this isn't your fault but to give some guidance for what you can do about it.

About our small member-only workshops:

  • ​To enable free flowing discussion, we do not record sessions.
  • You should come prepared to talk in small groups and be willing to share your experiences.
  • ​The majority of our members work in professional roles, mums who've taken career breaks, people who are bored and want a change, people who've retired and want to go back to work, people over 45 looking for work but who feel frustrated.

About Lucy Standing

Lucy is co-founder of Brave Starts CIC. She has a strong focus on evidence, data and community, and has established Brave Starts as one of the more credible career development and coaching organisations in the UK.  

Lucy has given evidence to the UK parliament and the OECD, and she’s been featured and interviewed in the FT, The Times, The Guardian and the BBC.

Lucy is a Chartered Psychologist, Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society, and Certified Principle Psychologist with the Association for Business Psychology (ABP), for which she was Vice Chair for nearly 10 years.

Prior to her nonprofit career, she was a Global Head of Recruitment in the strategy consulting and investment banking sectors. You can read LinkedIn profile here.

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