PEER TO PEER NETWORKING: How intuition can help boost creativity

6:30 pm
7:30 pm

Creative intuition is the ability to come up with useful or creative ideas quickly, without deliberately trying to think our way through a problem. Everyone can be intuitive but, like any skill, it only grows and strengthens with practice.  

In this session, we’ll be trying out some creative exercises – both drawing and writing – to explore how it feels to use intuition.

You’ll get a sense of what creative intuition is and ways to encourage it in the future.

Bring plain and/or lined paper, pens and pencils (coloured pencils, crayons or felt tip pens optional).

About Jo

Jo Harper is a Counsellor and CBT Therapist with a background in journalism. She works with children and young people struggling with anxiety and depression, often using creative methods to support their wellbeing and explore their issues in intuitive ways.

Jo is passionate about all creative arts and, as a journalist, was responsible for the music and cultural events pages of a local newspaper, as well as mainstream news articles and features.

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