MEMBER EVENT: Peer to Peer interest Group: Creative and Artistic Sectors

6:00 pm
7:15 pm

This will be our first ever meeting where we hope to scope and shape what the future of this group looks like. Our intent is to create a group which enables:

  • ​Like minded people to have a sense of community
  • ​People to connect and share ideas and challenges
  • ​People to learn from each other
  • ​The occasional bringing in of 'experts' (to be indicated and dictated by the group) to share specific insight and expertise
  • ​Opportunities to network and discuss ways to help find clients

​Like all Brave Starts meetings, we will provide a professional facilitator and this will be hosted over Zoom (online), so any of our members in far flung wonderful places can join. If you want to help shape the agenda for this group, do please come along and be part of it's future.

We have people currently in the creative sector (TV producers, Heads of PR and Marketing) and those who want to 'stay' in the sector. We also have people in fields like banking, finance, insurance, teaching, healthcare - who all want to develop their creative passions and interests. We aren't sure how this group will shape up - but this first one will be the chance for you to share and say how you want this group to work for you.


This idea for this group was initiated by our members and confirmed in our July newsletter where 100% respondents (28 of you) said YES we should do it. They also voted to keep it restricted to our £30 a year membership level. Please donate if you can. If you aren't already a member, click 'attend event' and you'll be invited to upgrade. Once logged in, click on the event and 'register'.

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