Pathways into the NHS via the Volunteer to Career Project

6:00 pm
7:00 pm

We know our members want to do work which has a beneficial impact and which helps others. Many would consider the NHS but have found routes in challenging – not least because, with an organisation this large, the complexities of different roles can feel overwhelming.

​Annelore is one of the clinical leads who, together with Helpforce, is building the model for how people can move into the NHS via volunteering roles.

​Each year she takes two cohorts of approximately 10-15, where the intention is to try and help them build the relationships, acquire skills, experience and familiarity with the NHS, whilst delivering a valuable service to patients and staff.

By coming to this session, you’ll get:

  • ​A better understanding of the volunteer to career pathways
  • ​An idea of what to expect if you were to volunteer
  • ​Some examples of how other people have benefitted from the programme
  • ​A chance to have your questions answered

About Annelore Hill-Verhaegen

​Annelore started working in the NHS nine years ago as an Occupational Therapist. She has had the privilege of working across different trusts and organisations throughout the country. She was often approached by people who wanted to find out more about Occupational Therapy but unfortunately the organisations she worked for did not always have systems in place to support these request.

​When the opportunity came to introduce the Volunteer to Career Pathway at the RUH, she was really motivated to develop this and ensure that, through this pathway, they would be able to provide volunteers with the experience of working in healthcare settings, getting to understand the different roles and departments, developing their own personal and professional skills, and being put in touch with staff and departments creating learning opportunities.

​In addition to this, volunteers have access to a career hub advice, apprenticeship team, plus support with interviewing skills.

​Annelore's dream is to continue to upscale the pathway, creating even more meaningful volunteer roles at the RUH, ensuring that the pathway is inclusive and diverse.

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