MEMBER EVENT: Thinking of a Job in the Charity Sector?

6:00 pm
7:00 pm

We’re delighted to have 3 amazing panelists to answer your every question about life in the charity sector.

We’ll ask:

  • What are the main roles and skills charities look to hire for?
  • What expectations do you need to have?
  • What is the reality of working in the sector like?
  • What is the best way to transition and build the skills to get into the sector?
  • What are typical salaries and career progression like?

We’ll record the session for those who register, and will share as a resource in the next few weeks, but as the aim is to also share what sectors/jobs are available, if this is something you are keen to learn more about, we encourage you to attend or at least register and watch the recording afterwards.

Who is on the panel?

  1. David Wood OBE, CEO of Attend
  2. Sarah Jackson OBE, ex-Chair of Working Families and currently sits on the board of 3 charities
  3. Charity People representative (TBC), the UK’s largest recruitment platform for the charity sector.

About David Wood OBE

A former Director of HR, and now a Chief Executive of Attend, David has been involved with mental health organisations for nearly 20 years, supporting their growth and development. David has also been the Treasurer of a local mental health charity for a number of years. Currently, he is still involved in recruiting and training volunteers who provide 1:1 support to those who are being discharged from a mental health trust and returning to their lives in the community. However, a key part of his contribution at the moment is working with groups of Trustees to help them plan their organisation’s contribution to the post pandemic world.

About Sarah Jackson OBE

Sarah has been at the forefront of flexible working research, policy development and implementation for 30 years, earning an OBE for services to quality of life and twice being recognised as a Top 30 influential thinker by HR magazine along the way.  She has worked with employers, researched and campaigned around how we work, and how work impacts on and interacts with family life. As CEO of Working Families until 2018, she built up an unparalleled track-record of highly impactful practical work, research and thought leadership on issues around gender discrimination at work, family-friendly and flexible working best practice, and of policy development. She also established and developed with Bright Horizons the now annual Modern Families Index, which has become a respected and influential survey of the impact of work on family life in the UK today. She’s a Visiting Professor at Cranfield University, Chair of PiPA (Parents and Carers in Performing Arts), a Trustee of Rosa, the UK Fund for Women and Girls, and a Trustee of Scottish Opera.

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