Monthly Member Meet Up

5:00 pm
6:00 pm

Meet other Brave Starts members, share your story and ideas, make new connections, and get support and guidance from your peer group facilitated by a highly qualified coach.

We recognise people want some element of career guidance, but from working with hundreds of senior professionals, we know many of you have amazing insight and support you can offer each other.

Not everyone wants (or needs) a one on one coaching session and many of you enjoy meeting and helping each other, so this session combines both. We do provide some element of facilitation, but this meeting is more getting you some insight into your questions in a way which is safe, constructive and has the benefit of a highly qualified career coach to ensure you are steered constructively in the right direction.

There will be some structure to the session but come prepared to talk about:

  • ​What career concerns you have currently
  • ​What you think you might need in order to feel you making the most of your latter working years

​Alan is one our career coaches. He started life as a civil engineer. He moved into business and strategy development roles with major construction sector organisations. He then gained an MSc in Organizational Psychology aged 59. He values research and evidence-based approaches and he loves helping people discover what they can do and then go-get it!

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