PEER TO PEER NETWORKING: How can creativity help self-discovery and healing?

6:30 pm
7:30 pm

Join us for this interactive, peer to peer workshop, and find out from Eleni Zevgaridou how creativity can help self-discovery and healing. 

Eleni will open by sharing her own story to frame a discussion for the wider group around: 

How has creativity helped to improve and shape your experiences?

Eleni will also share an exercise to help you access your creativity, so have a pencil and paper on hand as you will be doing some drawing! And there will be a chance to network with other members.

About Eleni

Eleni has 35 years of experience in marketing communications and graphic design.

Since 1987, she has helped companies strategise and implement their creative visions. She has worked extensively and successfully with both new and established businesses, helping her clients gain exposure to the right audiences with the right tools.

Eleni is passionate about good communications through effective design. Her extensive experience in branding, packaging design, publications and promotional plans for a variety of market sectors, guarantee that she can support design and production from A to Z. She enjoys a challenging website project, from the conceptual and strategic plan to completion.

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