PEER TO PEER NETWORKING: Free Your Creativity with the Written word

6:30 pm
7:30 pm

Bring a pen, a few sheets of paper and a highlighter, and join us for this fun creative writing session with Mish Apter. You’ll practice free writing as well as learn some tips on finding daily inspiration and catching curved balls.  

About Mish

Mish Apter appeared in many theatrical shows, plays, musicals, ballets and pantos as a child and is now reconnecting with her potential across all the arts. She is eager to explore further professional opportunities, especially those in acting and theatre.

August saw one of Mish’s published poems put on permanent display at Cardiff Castle in their Memorial Garden. She is co-writing, and performing in, two independent local performance projects and is delighted to be part of the production team for the adaptation of the novel ‘Little Manfred’ by Michael Morpurgo, being staged at the Polka Theatre, London this October.

Over the winter period she is making a compilation of her poems and another of her short stories in readiness for publication in the New Year. Mish hosts a regular creative writing workshop for a military charity, as well as one in her local area.

Along with her 17-year-old border collie Rio, Mish can often be seen playing on her local beach.

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