FREE EVENT: Dealing with Discrimination

11:00 am
12:00 am

Many people in our network face constant rejection and discrimination from employment despite being ‘over qualified’ for many roles. 

In this session, we’ll hear your stories and coach and discuss how we can do things better. 

Often change is led by the people who experience it, and we’re calling on our members to understand the power and impact you can have. The blueprint for how we handle this isn’t clear but we do know that, collectively, we are stronger together.

Our aim for the session will be to:

  • Hear and meet each other
  • Coach and support each other over the stories we hear, and discuss what could be done differently
  • Leave with an idea for how you can manage things differently going forward
  • Question ‘norms’ and 'business as usual'
  • Think of how we create the world we want to see

We’ll have a highly experience MD and Executive Coach who is used to dealing at board level support the meeting.

About Linda Doe:

Linda is a professional Psychologist and Managing Partner of Apana Business Psychology. She’s a Chartered Psychologist and Associate Fellow with the British Psychological Society. She is on the BPS Register of Expert Witnesses and has provided assessment and opinion in relation to workplace stress and mental health. Linda has a professional interest in male mental health and creating male-friendly therapeutic interventions.

She is a co-founder of the Association of Psychologists on Boards (APOB): A multi-disciplinary group founded to support more Psychologists into Boardroom positions, and to use Psychology to facilitate greater inclusion and diversity within Boards, to share Psychological knowledge, experience and perspectives, and to thereby enable more effective Boards.

Linda consults at board level. Recent projects include succession planning at Board level; specialist application of personality assessment and relationship dynamics; people strategy in order for Boards to meet people aspects of the corporate governance code. 

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