Thinking of Starting a Business? Have You Considered Franchising?

9:30 am
10:30 am

The world of franchising feels like a space a lot of members have heard of but know very little about. The reasons we’ve invited Krishma are that she’s independent. She is not here to push you towards any one brand or franchise. She’s here to educate and support.

​She’s doing this work for us pro bono, which tells you something about the sort of person she is. She’s highly respected (look at her impressive bio) and she really knows her market.

​​We’ll expect to cover:

  • ​​What is a franchise and how is it different to setting up on your own business?
  • ​​‍What should you consider when researching franchise options?
  • ​​What are the pros and cons of running a franchise?
  • ​​How much can it cost to set up a franchise?
  • ​​How should you conduct due diligence on a franchise?

​​‍Who is this session aimed at:

​​The ideal person for this session is someone who wants to be their own boss, but who is unsure what business to do, or who hasn’t got a validated business model.

​If you’re a member who feels like you are an entrepreneur deep down, this would be the perfect session for you to attend.

​We keep our sessions small so you’ll be able to ask your own questions and get direct and immediate value for your time. The number of people able to register will be limited to ensure fruitful and engaging discussion.

​​About Krishma Vaghela

Recognised as a leading female in franchising by industry professionals, Krishma specialises in working with food and beverage brands, advising them on all aspects of franchise development, including branding, marketing, franchisee recruitment, support, training, restructuring and relationship management. Krishma’s experience however, has been vast across multiple sectors of franchising, including education, children’s activities and home care for the elderly and vulnerable.

Krishma is a five times business awards finalist, currently restructuring and heading up the franchise department for multiple franchise brands, and is responsible for national development recruiting quality franchise partners.

Krishma mentors franchisors on setting up the correct infrastructure to support with network growth and provides guidance on brand and concept development and marketing. Krishma is extremely hands on, ensuring franchisors value her and her specialist third party partners as extended members of the franchise team.

Mentoring and support is crucial for success, yet it is lost in the industry and, as the only UK female Franchise Consultant to specialise in Food & Beverage, Krishma has the unique skills to bridge the gap. Krishma is a forward thinking, passionate, go-getter, thriving to ensure that both franchisees and franchisors are successful in franchising.

Krishma has been interviewed on LBC radio, has visited 10 Downing Street, recorded business podcasts and written articles on franchising, contributed to a book for thriving female entrepreneurs, judges business awards, and has spoken and presented to audiences at several business events, including EWIB (Empowering Women in Business) for the British Franchise Association, and has most recently featured in What Franchise Magazine.

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