MEMBER EVENT: A Creative Pursuit: a Career, Hobby or Side Hustle?

6:30 pm
7:30 pm

Join Chantelle and Liz for a candid conversation about their journeys into storytelling through the medium of film. They will share what it means to them to pursue their purpose in this industry – the positives and the pitfalls – and how these might translate to other ventures.  

As part of this conversation, we will explore our own motivations and intentions, what we are each hoping to achieve and what it would take for us to get there.  

This will be an interactive session and all you need to bring is yourself, your questions, and a pen and paper.  

About Chantelle de Carvalho

Chantelle is a film producer with a track record of taking features from concept through to distribution. Her most recent feature doc, I Am Gen Z premiered at CPH:DOX (2021), won the Best Feature Film award at The Lower East Side Festival and was distributed internationally (it is now available on Amazon). Her narrative features in distribution include The Hatching, a comedy/beast horror, Credo, a supernatural thriller, The Secret Philosophy, a thriller and Copposites, a comedy. She likes to embrace female led projects that highlight human stories whether narrative or nonfiction.

About Liz Smith

Liz Smith is a documentary filmmaker and investigative storyteller. Her work is centred around human rights issues and how psychology and environment drive contemporary behaviour. She is the director and editor of the feature documentary I Am Gen Z, which explores the impact of digital technology on the lives and behaviours of the first generation to grow up with smartphones in their pockets. She is currently working on a series of films looking at today's polarised world and how the climate crisis plays into it.

Liz is also the co-founder and host of What’s Going on in Your Head, an ongoing series of live events that explore the secret inner workings of the mind through performance art. The shows reach audiences that would not normally be engaged in dialogue around mental illness. 

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