MEMBER EVENT: A Career Change into the Public Sector – Metropolitan Police

12:30 pm
1:30 pm

As people get older, we tend to care more about things like equality, social justice, giving back, making a difference. There are a huge number of roles that make the police the sort of organisation that we would want to have a positive experience with:

  • Supporting victims of crime
  • Liaising with members of the public
  • Supporting local communities
  • Detecting and analysing
  • Communicating and evaluating

There are a number of roles across the entirety of the service which include HR, finance, forensics, detecting, admin and more. Many of the roles provide all the training, so the police is a great option to consider if you’re thinking of a career change or simply switching your existing skills into a sector which will value and appreciate your skills and experience.

We invite you to come and meet the officer working within Outreach in order to learn more about why the police is something you should consider.

About Kaelon Parkes

PC Kaelon Parkes is a police constable working within the Metropolitan Police Service. Like many in the Brave Starts community, he never aspired to be a police officer.  Historical and cultural tensions meant police were unwelcome in his community. A previous career in various youth-related settings (a youth worker, primary and nursery schools) opened his eyes to the importance of safeguarding.

He found his passion and, when a related role came up in the police that matched his interests, he applied. He had no previous public service training and no knowledge of legislation when he joined. He has now been with the Metropolitan Police Service since 2017 and is in charge of outreach activities to try and help people (like those in the Brave Starts community) realise there is a place for you in the public (and in particular) the police service.

Kaelon is now the Outreach Officer working to increase awareness of policing as a great career choice for people who care about social justice, equality and making a difference to people’s lives, often at a time when they need it most.

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