A Career Change into the Sustainability Space

12:30 pm
1:30 pm

Meet Simon Glynn, who is a vocal leader in the sustainability sector. After 25 years as a partner at Oliver Wyman, where he co-led the Climate & Sustainability consulting platform, he’s now left and working in a portfolio career capacity.

​He works with a range of climate-centric NGOs, he’s Board Member at WePlanet, and a regular leader of research projects for Potential Energy Coalition.

​Hot off the heals of COP 28, he’s coming to talk to Brave Starts members who are interested in exploring the sustainability sector.

​We’ll likely have between 6-10 people, so it will be a small group, meaning that, when you join, we’ll do brief introductions so Simon will know more about your background and interest.

​We’ll cover:

  • ​The main areas of growth: what are the ‘hot topics’ in the sector.
  • ​Simon’s view of the market (over supply of people for the jobs or under?)
  • ​Who succeeds in this industry and what sort of profiles they might have.
  • ​What organisations should you know about/what books would be worth reading and what people might you be interested to follow.

​As well as coming to this session and meeting Simon, you’ll also meet your fellow peers interested in this sector and we’ll try and create some follow up meetings for you all.

​You're welcome to connect with Simon on LinkedIn here.

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