FREE EVENT: Bridge of Hope Careers: The Home of Inclusive Recruitment

6:00 pm
7:00 pm

Most of our members have, at some point, experienced difficulty with using job boards. In this session, we welcome Chance Bleu-Montgomery, the Partner Support Manager at Bridge of Hope Careers, to come and talk about jobs, employers, opportunities and more.

Bridge of Hope Careers is the missing link between ‘untapped talent’ pools and inclusive employers seeking to expand their talent pool. 

After 15 months trading, over 74,000 candidates have registered across the UK. Progressive blue-chip organisations - including The Body Shop, Timpson, Santander, Direct Line, TalkTalk, and Royal Navy – along with leading talent agencies such as AMS, Reed, Cielo, Amberjack and Morgan Hunt, have posted over 67,000 job vacancies and they are scaling rapidly.  

The added benefit is that, as part of a social impact business (Prosper4 Group), they can redistribute profits with their referring charities to help them thrive - not just survive - in these challenging times. 

In this session, we’ll discuss:

  • Where is the demand for labour coming from? What are the jobs and sectors that need people the most?
  • How is Bridge of Hope different from other job boards?
  • What is your process to working with an employer?
  • What conversations have you had around age and what is your sense on how this issue will develop?
  • What would your advice be to our members who have struggled to find work?

About Chance

Chance was not born lucky. A childhood of physical and mental abuse was followed by the death of his sister to cancer and, in his twenties, Chance had a mental breakdown which led to reckless behaviour and heavy use of drugs and alcohol.

Before he knew it, his life had spiralled out of control, and he woke up one day in a prison cell, alone, with a lengthy term ahead of him.

Prison was more difficult than he could have imagined, but it turned out to be a transformative experience. He used the time to reflect on what got him there and how he could ensure he never went back.

In prison, he finally recognised that he needed help – and got some – but he also discovered a capacity to significantly help others.

In pursuit of a better life, he realised he could be more than good: he could be determined, resilient and remarkable.

After his release, Chance started his own Community health and wellbeing brand, ‘Trooth Community”. And, seeing his potential, the team behind Bridge of Hope Careers also employed him as the Partner Support Manager, where he now works with the talent portal’s charity partners to bring other marginalised but talented and resilient candidates into the workplace. 

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