MEMBER EVENT: Boosting Your Creative Confidence

5:00 pm
6:00 pm

In our member survey, the second most popular field many of you want to move into or develop as a hobby is the creative field. Most people don’t realise that creativity can be nurtured and developed (and stamped out of us).  

Creativity is increasingly important to survive and thrive in a complex world. Yet most people are not living up to their creative potential. In this session, Dr. Jennifer Lynch will guide you through a model of creative engagement, based on her original research findings about the psychological barriers that inhibit people from being creative at work.

After this interactive workshop, you will feel empowered to engage creatively with the challenges you face, and equipped to foster creativity in yourself and others.

In this session, Jennifer will take us through:

  • The benefits of creativity
  • The barriers to preventing us connecting with our creativity
  • Examples of people who’ve developed their creative abilities as they’ve got older
  • The 5 key elements to creativity

About Jennifer

Dr. Jennifer Lynch is an organisational psychologist, coach, facilitator and TEDx speaker, passionate about helping people unlock their creative potential. She obtained her PhD in Organizational Behavior from London Business School where her research focused on the psychological barriers and enablers of creative engagement. She teaches creativity at University College London. Formerly a consultant with McKinsey & Company, she has experience in a diverse range of industries, sectors and cultures. She lives in London with her husband and their two-year-old daughter.

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