The Over-Qualified Myth – Busted

5:00 pm
6:00 pm

We often hear the lament of people over 50 saying they’ve been rejected from a role because they are ‘over-qualified’. Hans van Dijk set out to review the evidence for this and published the findings in 2020: https://research.tilburguniversity.edu/en/publications/welcome-to-the-bright-side-why-how-and-when-overqualification-enh

‍Most of the time, academic papers can be impossible to access (if you aren’t in the academic world yourself) and, even then, papers are often written for an academic audience. In this session, we’ll be asking Hans to share:

  • What does the evidence say?
  • Why do employers ‘get away’ with citing over-qualified as an excuse?
  • What benefits does ‘being over-qualified’ bring to an organisation?

‍Who is this event aimed at?

We feel anyone over 50 should be coming to this event to hear what is being said and to arm yourself with the knowledge of what it means to be over-qualified and how this can be played to your advantage.

Similarly, anyone who coaches or works with people over 50 would be welcome – your clients need to know there is power in being over-qualified.

Finally, anyone working in the corporate world who has ever rejected anyone on the basis of being over-qualified, needs to come and understand why this is misguided thinking, as well as understand what other benefits over-qualification brings.

Like all Brave Starts events, this will be a small meeting where those interested will get to ask their own questions and engage with our speaker. We invite you to prepare questions, come armed with a cup of tea and be prepared to engage and meet others in an informal and friendly setting aimed very much at building insight.

‍About Hans

Hans van Dijk is Associate Professor at the Department of Organization Studies at Tilburg University, The Netherlands. His work and expertise spans areas such as diversity and inclusion, overqualification, stereotyping, and refugee integration. What connects all these topics is that they involve dynamics of how people determine their behavior towards others based on their impressions of those others. Hans has published in outlets such as Academy of Management Annals, Journal of Applied Psychology, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, and Journal of Business Ethics. Hans has conducted applied research projects for various organizations and sectors, and has developed a tool that has been used by over 400 organizations in the cultural sector to develop themselves in the area of diversity and inclusion. Hans is frequently asked to speak in management programs, and is well-known for using experiential learning methods.

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