Carving Out Your Own Creative Career

5:00 pm
6:00 pm

So often, our members who go through our programmes find ‘there is no one path’ or one job that will meet their various interests and needs. In this meeting, we’ll explore what it means to craft your own career and, in this case, the meaning is quite literal. No one starts out in life thinking they will upholster recycled cinema chairs – but that is the niche in which Kerry Rutter operates! 

Kerry is an upholsterer and she’s crafted her own career around the things she loves. Over time, she’s built up a really impressive brand and following. Her Instagram account tops 22,000 followers, and she now employs two staff as well as a studio dog. 

This will be a useful meeting for any of our members who are: 

  • Interested in a creative or hands on career
  • Feel there is no job out there made for them

We’ll be asking Kerry some of our own questions but this is a fabulous opportunity to come armed with your own. Please note, owing to increasing demand from members to record sessions, we will record the first part of the session. If you are unable to attend but have a question you’d love to ask Kerry, please email

About Kerry

Kerry Rutter trained as an upholsterer with the Master Association of upholsterers. She’s the founder of ‘Unseen Icons’ – her upholstery business which specialises and is the home of the vintage cinema seat. The quality of her work speaks for itself through her repeat customer base. We recruited Kerry a few years back as an expert career mentor, as she’s not only a brilliant entrepreneur, but she also cares about her work passionately and shares her enthusiasm and joy with others.  

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