Age in the Tech Sector

9:30 am
10:45 am

This is an interactive meeting, where we invite anyone with experience or interest in working in the tech sector to come along.  We’d like to use the session to hear:

  • ​General perception of age in the tech sector.
  • ​What (if anything) are the likely reasons for people in the tech sector to be more interested in engaging on the age diversity topic?
  • ​What companies (if any) are doing that is interesting/relevant for the employee over 40.
  • ​What strategies can someone who is older (in the world of tech, it’s probably 40+) enlist to get them to appeal to employers in the tech space?

​It will be discussion lead, but we will have Becky Slaymaker (an ex Chief People Officer in the gaming/tech space) come to share her thoughts based on her own experience, conversations and network.

​We’re not claiming any specific expertise, but rather we are using this opportunity to glean and share experiences as part of a wider group.

About Becky Slaymaker

​Becky started her career as an Occupational Psychologist, and worked in Talent, Learning and Change roles. Since then, she has held generalist HR roles in commercial, gritty organisations faced with change. Most recently in Mobile Gaming, but prior to that Retail, Construction and the Public Sector.

​Some things she has done well, and some not so well, but she is always trying her best to learn (however frustrating that is), and at heart she is still the occupational psychologist curious about human behaviour and how it plays out at work.

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