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By joining us, you help us build a movement which has more power to influence how organisations view and treat an ageing workforce. Together, we build a voice asking for change.

Since April, we've grown to 600+ members. Our first 1000 members will be free. After that we'll charge £20 annually. Members get:

- Free access to our events
- A monthly group career 'surgery' - low commitment drop in sessions from Jan '21.
- A monthly networking mixer featuring experts doing different jobs, HR leaders or Employers
- A monthly round up: cool events, articles, employers and opportunities for the older career changer/start up founder
- To be part of something meaningful: the bigger we are, the more people listen.
- An invite to join our member only facebook group.

Member Perks

Selected discounts exclusive to valued members

Career Change support

Monthly drop in help and support sessions

Workshop and Events

We scour the UK for the best events so you don't have to

Success Stories, Articles & Insight

Interesting facts and age friendly employers.

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Meet Each Other
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Sometimes the best thing we can do is provide you with the space to meet with other likeminded people and give other people an opportunity to talk with and connect with each other.

Our Facebook group is free to our members - so join our community and come and introduce yourself!